Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still Here...(Summer 2007)

So I just got home. My night was far too exciting. First, in a truly sophisticated gesture, I drove (by myself I might add) to the classy eating establishment Jack in the Box, minute later heading over to the equally refined Burger King to get an ICEE. I then proceeded to sit in the Burger King parking lot with all the windows down, smoking a cigarette while I listened to the radio and stared at the grocery store across the street. If that isn’t a crazy summer night, I don’t know what is! As the summer is dwindling down, so are the social arrangements apparently and pretty much all of my friends are at home watching TV, going to a movie I have no interest in seeing or out of town. So that leave me, now at home, with nothing to do expect write on my laptop about my fabulous life and watch Greek on ABC family in an hour. Now it may seem to you that I’m either deeply disturbed or very bitter, but I’m actually just being sarcastic, sometime making myself laugh (pathetically I might add) at my own bizarreness and utter ridiculousness.

Maybe, Noe

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kmarti44 said...

Shar, you are hilarious. Your stories are engaging and witty. I just can't stop reading them! I truly hope you get published very soon. I can't wait for more stories to come.