Friday, September 12, 2008

Awwww (2007)

I come home from class, my hangover from the night before still swimming through my body. Still, I could feel worse.
“Is anybody home!?” I scream, probably too loudly.
Miranda calls back, “Me!”
I slowly trudge upstairs and open the door to our room. Miranda and Sean are spooning her bed. She’s in frilly lingerie and he’s without a shirt. They look like an ad for “We’re Beautiful. Worship us.”
“Where have you been?” She yawns.
“Class. It sucked.” I slump into my computer chair.
“Yeah…” I’ve already lost her attention. She turns towards Sean and says, “Baby, what do you want to do for dinner?”
“Well we could go to a nice place somewhere,” He gets up and stretches. He looks like freaking Hercules.
“Oh! Fun!” Miranda squeals like an excited five year old and Sean smiles down at her like she’s the cutest little thing in the world. Maybe she is.
He gets up and throws his shirt on. “Okay, well then I’m gonna go home and shower and stuff and then I’ll give you a call, Hon.” He leans down and gives her a sweet little kiss on the forehead.
“Yay! Ok, that sounds awesome!” She is practically bouncing in her bed.
“Awesome,” he repeats. He gets up and crosses the room, patting me on the head like an old, reliant dog.
“Woof!” I say, laughing at my own joke. They don’t get it so they don’t say anything. This happens a lot.
Sean closes the door to our room and I look over at Miranda who is beaming under her covers. That is really how all of their conversations go. Lots of “yays” and “baby’s” and sweet little kisses. They are genuinely that excited to be around each other. Everything really is “awesome” all the time.
“You guys are so cute,” I say with sincerity and absolutely no sarcasm (might be a first).
When we hear the front door slam, Miranda pops up all of a sudden. “He said I LOVE YOU!” She whispers with the largest grim I’ve ever seen on her face. She looks like a child who’s gotten everything she wanted for Christmas.
“REALLY!?!?” I jump out of my bed and onto hers. She nods shyly. “Tell me all about it! What did he say? How did it happen?”
“Well,” She says, sitting up in her bed. “Can you throw me that tank top?” She jerks her head in the direction of a pink C + C tank top on my desk chair. It’s hers. I toss it to her and she slips it on, in addition to Victoria’s Secret Pink shorts. “Hurry! Tell me!” I’m impatient.
“Ok, well he was acting so weird when he came in at first. So awkward and nervous. I kept asking him what was wrong and he kept saying nothing. It was sooo weird. We watched TV in silence for about twenty minute. It was sooooo awkward. I was like, do I even know this person? What is going on? He wouldn’t even look me in the eye or touch me. Then I started crying.
“Why!?” I jerk her arm.
She laughs, “I honestly thought he was gonna break up with me. Or tell me that he cheated on me or something. He noticed I was crying and he kind of panicked. He was like what’s wrong, what’s wrong? And I was like bawling, asking him if he wanted to break up. He started hugging me and kissing me and then he told me that he loved me! I swear I froze. My tears, like, turned off and I practically screamed WHAT!??! He said it again. And I was like, you love me? And he was like Duh, I love you. And I was like Why were you acting so weird? And he was like, because I was all nervous.”
I think a tear rolls down my face. I mean, Miranda doesn’t exactly have a way with words but I still think that it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Or at least the cutest thing I’ve heard in a while. “You said it back right?”
“Of course! I knew I would love him from like Week 2. He’s perfect! Ahh! I love him!”
“You guys really are perfect together.” I say, still smiling. I mean it in every way possible.
“Eek!” (Yes she actually says eek). “I’m so excited for dinner. I have to go get ready now, OK!??!” She is borderline hysterical, but I can’t blame her.
“Yep,” I nod, laughing at her as she scurries around the room. She literally skips out the room to the shower. Humming.
Miranda and Sean might be slightly annoying and self involved but they really would do anything for each other. I also knew by like “Week 2” that they would fall in love. I have no doubt in my mind that they’ll get married. They’re just “that couple.” It’s all very, very cute.
Maybe, Noe

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