Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh...Goody (2007)

Ginna, Nicole, Miranda and I are sitting in my room.

“Are you drinking tonight?” Ginna eyes me, almost scarily. We are having people over.

“Yes, Ginna,” I feel like I’m talking to my mom.

“Good,” she says approvingly. “Because it’s Spencer’s birthday tonight.

I can only laugh. “I don’t want to see Spencer. Obviously he’s going be with his girlfriend on his birthday. I don’t want to deal with that. No thanks.” Spencer is my current obsession and sometimes hookup. Spencer also has a sometimes girlfriend.

Nicole pipes in this time, “You're going have to deal with it at some point. Better sooner than later, right?”

“Why not never?” I moan.

The last time I saw Spencer, I got drunk way too early in the night, he kissed me, lied about breaking up with Old Yeller (as I like to call his occasional other half), Hulked himself from a doting dude to a downright dick and then he left without a goodbye to see his “ex”. Needless to say, I ended the night in tears.

“He’s an ass,” I say and sit down at my computer to check Facebook.

“Noe,” Miranda says. I brace myself for something I don't want to hear. “He is an ass. So don’t let him upset you. Not worth it.” And with that Miranda changes the subject. Closes the book. Normally I would be annoyed at her so shortly summarizing my life, but instead I am relieved. I don't feel like talking about it.

I stay silent and contemplate the potential ways the night can go. There is a very big chance that Spencer will bring his girlfriend to my house. I will have to deal with it and I will not cry.

Maybe, Noe

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