Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Glittered Up Human Chain

I can tell it was going to be a good night. It's Thursday which always generates buzz amongst the upperclassmen in my little college and it's the last one before Spring Break. Many people have been drinking since the morning and most have no plans to stop.

Keslee and I buzz around our room excitedly trying to find the perfect outfits, in heavy anticipation of the night ahead. All of my housemates plan to play Kings Cup with vodka. This is simultaneously the best and worst idea we've had in a long time.

Pacing back and fourth between my closet and dresser, I'm finding it hard to find inspiration on what to wear. I feel blah. There are only so many times I could try on the same plain black dress. It still looks the same- bad. So I go to my last resort. When I'm feeling boring and hopeless, I often turn to lingerie. To me there is nothing better. Many times before going out, I slip into a lacy bra and boyshorts or a risque nighty just because. To be honest though, the only thing naughty about me and my lingerie is the price tags on them. I have a reasonably extensive collection for someone who doesn't actually use any of it...for its purpose. The only people who ever see me in these get ups are my roommates. Lucky them.

Nevertheless, putting on lingerie before going out always makes me feel giddy and a little glamourous. So I pull on one of my more out there numbers. Keslee, who sees me do this on a regular basis glances at me but doesn't look surprised. She gives me a little cat call and I act embarrassed. We laugh at this exchange and suddenly I hear the click clack of heels heading in the direction of my room. My body tenses for just a moment. I can tell it's Miranda by the way her walk sounds. It's curiously heavy for such a small girl. Keslee and I exchange a quick look because we know what's coming.

"Why are you wearing that?" Miranda asks me without so much as a hello. She eyes me up and down in a way that is not so much unkind, just a little intrusive.

"For fun," I answer while going about my business of applying eyeliner.

"Hmm," she shifts her focus to Keslee. "What do you think? Too much?" She gestures to her outfit and waits impatiently for Keslee to answer. She's wearing a sky high nude heals and a white high waisted skirt and denim off the shoulder top. Her radiant blond hair is piled high on the top of her head in a messy bun. The result is flawless, she looks like shes ready for a fashion shoot. Albeit, the whole thing is a little over the top, especially for a night at a shitty dive bar, but Miranda can pull it off because she is over the top. The heels and hair adds miles to Miranda's already tall frame and she towers over Keslee in a way that would make most girls insecure. Kelsee isn't most girls though, she has killer confidence and is capable of noting Miranda's beauty without comparing it to her own.

"Yes, yes," she says nodding, "very cute. Help me with mine?" Her dark eyes light up like a child's. Miranda is pleased enough with this answer and starts to rummage through the piles of clothes Keslee has made on her bed.

"I may just bite the bullet and wear my new Free People top" I say to no one in particular.

"Yes! You should. So cute," Madison says without commitment. I know that she's not really paying 
attention. She is busy staring at herself in the mirror beside Keslee's bed. Her long legs are stretched out 
in front of her at she sits on the bed gazing. I imagine that the thoughts going through her head are a
circle of herself and her boyfriend. Her vacant expression creates the perfect picture, she looks like a doll 
sprawled out of the bed. Something makes her snap out of her trance suddenly and she smiles kindly at me.
The three of us debate about my outfit for the next couple of minutes and I finally come to a decision soon 
Bailey hops into the room, her read hair wooshing around her and grabs my hand. I can see in her green eyes 
that she has already made her way into the vodka.

"Lesss goooo" she says smiling thickly. "Lesss doooo this." I laugh at her. Upon immediate consumption of 
alcohol, it becomes obvious that she is intoxicated. Her eyes become sleepy and happy, her speech 
is the next to go. I grab Miranda's hand before Bailee can pull me away and she quickly grabs Keslee's. 
We make our way to the living room. A glittered up, human chain. We look ridiculous. We look like 
kids. Ginna snaps a picture as we make our way into the room. Her goose like laughter drowning out
the sounds of the ipod.

Maybe, Noe

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